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Editor-in-chiefLubos Horcic

Joined EISA in 1994

Published byTrade & Leisure Publications, spol.s.r.o.

AddressThámova 7, 186 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic

Phone+420 602 369 369;

Fax:+420 226 209 091

In 1993, Trade & Leisure Publications introduced its first magazine called Stereo & Video – a monthly focusing on consumer electronics. In a very short time, Stereo & Video developed into a widely renowned consumer monthly and an indispensable shopping adviser. In autumn 2002, a new version of the magazine - with a DVD enclosed - was introduced to the market. In 2004, booming developments in the areas of audiovisual equipment, IT and telecommunications, plus a change in the demands of its readers and customers, saw new sections devoted to IT and multimedia appearing in Stereo & Video. In addition, since June 2005, it has provided readers with two movies on a DVD each month.
Stereo & Video offers news, reviews, tests, features, reports, how-to tutorials and a buying guide. It’s aimed at two types of readers: a majority who need help and advice on shopping, and a smaller but significant group of traditional fans and decisions makers, who closely follow the trends in consumer electronics, IT, multimedia and home entertainment. Its typical reader is male, university educated and aged 28 to 40.

“With EISA membership Stereo & Video has become a European publication and not just local magazine.”

RSS Editor’s Choice

  • Když se to povede, nic nechybí! 9th December 2019
    Docela plíživě se klasické analogové stereofonní přístroje sbližují s IT. Nejprve byly analogové vstupy doplněny o vstupy digitální a logicky musely být osazeny i D/A převodníky. Na počátku…
  • Bose: Brýle pro Audio AR v prodeji 2nd December 2019
    O zvukové rozšířené realitě Audio AR (Augmented Reality) implementované do výrobků Bose jsme psali již v S&V 4/18 a o chystaném uvedení takto vybavených brýlí Alto a Rondo v USA…
  • Magnat: Signature 500 zve do světa hifi 29th November 2019
    Firma Magnat uvádí řadu Signature 500 jako vstupní bránu do světa hifi a mezi hlavními klady vypichuje nejnovější technologie, dokonalé zpracování a hudbu vykreslenou do nejmenších detailů, i …