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Editor-in-chiefWouter Diemer

Joined EISA in 1992

Published byReshift Digital

AddressRichard Holkade 8, NL-2033 PZ Haarlem, The Netherlands

Phone+31 235 430 000

Fax:+31 235 359 627


Media Totaal was originally called Video Totaal, and was the first consumer video magazine in the Benelux. In 1996, it was transformed into a highly respected multimedia magazine, Media Totaal. It is the leading consumer electronics magazine in the Benelux region and offers objective reviews, audio, video, photo and computer news, interviews and reports from all over the world. Its continuously growing readership is renowned for being highly interested in new developments and can best be described as early adopters. The magazine deals with all kinds of consumer electronics and has its own well-equipped test laboratory and listening room. A substantial part of the circulation is in the magazine portfolio sector, reaching a total range of around 450,000 readers per issue.

“For Media Totaal, EISA offers a unique opportunity to discuss many things in a friendly and honest manner with the most highly regarded colleagues in the magazine field. These include discussions about different ways to test and debates about coming trends. These are increasingly vital for maintaining our leading position in the magazine business world. EISA also gives Media Totaal a unique position in The Netherlands.”