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Editor-in-chiefMauri Eronen

Joined EISA in 2007

Published byFokus Media Finland Oy

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Hifimaailma is specialist magazine for high quality home audio and video (home theater) systems. It offers product reviews and tests, comparison tests, systems reviews, articles, exhibition reports and product/technical news. It’s aimed at consumers who are interested in high quality audio/video reproduction and equipment as well as high-end enthusiasts and people who are interested in audio/video technology.

“It is an honour to become a member of EISA and it gives our magazine even more respect. EISA offers good contact with other magazines and journalists, and we can exchange lots of information and learn new things. We can also share the knowledge from EISA members and manufacturers with our readers.”

RSS Editor’s Choice

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    Nomadic Audio on tunnetun sveitsiläisen kaiutinvalmistaja Morelin startup-yritys, joka on ponkaissut käyntiin tarjoamalla kilon painoista ja 42 X 11 X […] The post 35 hertsiä Bluetooth-kaiuttimesta appeared first on Hifimaailma.
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    Ruotsalainen nappiskuulokevalmistaja Jays on lanseerannut uudet kuulokkeet Jays a-Six Wireless, joille se lupaa 12 tuntia kuunteluaikaa pariston yhdellä latauksella. Aika […] The post 12 tuntia kuunteluaikaa appeared first on Hifimaailma.