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  • Rega’s System One: speakers, amp & turntable for £999 22nd helmikuu 2020
    News from the 2020 Bristol Hifi Show: British manufacturer Rega has introduced a new standmount loudspeaker called the Kyte. The 2-way design will sell for £429/pair. So far, so standard for a news announcement. The twist in this tale is that the new Kyte loudspeaker also forms the cornerstone of […] More---------------------- No part of […]
  • Darko’s MAYA music for the Bristol Hi-fi Show 2020 20th helmikuu 2020
    Indie rock. Techno. Rap. Hip.hop. Punk. Funk. Soul. Motown. Disco. The typical hi-fi show demo rarely features them. Instead, exhibitors tend to prioritise jazz, female vocal, string arrangements and a smattering of well-produced 80s rock. It’s not hard to see why: 1) good recordings pull the very best performance from […] More---------------------- No part of […]
  • 10 more thoughts on the Bluesound Powernode 2i 19th helmikuu 2020
    Future-Fi in 2020? If a streaming module isn’t included in an active loudspeaker, we might find it instead in an amplifier powering passive loudspeakers. That hands us a twin-pronged fork with which to skewer the audiophile world of separates laid out in a hi-fi rack with cable salad behind. Canada’s […] More---------------------- No part of […]