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  • Buchardt teases A500 active/streaming loudspeakers 22nd January 2020
    Buchardt Audio has started taking pre-orders on their new active loudspeaker: the A500 is built around the Danish company’s passive S400 model and adds a Quad-Core DSP chip, dual Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC chips and a trio of Class D amplifiers to each loudspeaker, the latter suggesting that the S400’s […] More---------------------- No part of […]
  • Schiit’s Jotunheim R to drive RAAL-Requisite ribbons 21st January 2020
    R-rated: RAAL/Requisite’s SR1a ribbon headphone (€3500) forgoes traditional earcups to hang open-baffled planar-like drivers right next to our ears. Quoting Transmission Audio, via Srajan Ebaen’s KIH take on the RAAL, “a ribbon is a membrane of very thin corrugated aluminium suspended between continuous rows of magnets at its narrow ends […] More---------------------- No part of […]
  • Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless vs. Campfire Audio Comet 21st January 2020
    The key dividing line between smartphones was once as simple as Apple vs. Android. With the operating system selected, the decision tree would move us onto display size, processing power, internal storage and price. And while that may still be the case for the average user, audio folk now have […] More---------------------- No part of […]