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Editor-in-chiefJavier Pardos

Joined EISA in 2013

Published byIdeas Editoriales 3003 SL

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AVPremium is a young magazine that was born with the objective of supply in-deep information about high quality Audio and Video plus some special issues related with the newest and more sophisticated CE (even professional) technologies. It publishes a number of of tests reports –both standalone and group/system ones- combined with technical/educational reviews and comprehensive reports from the most relevant shows and product presentations. All is done in the context of a fresh and clear presentation with a strong emphasis in the details that actually make the difference. Our goal is to became –in combination with our website- a powerful tool in the hands of the discerning people that wants the very best in both absolute performance but also in value.

“For us, to be an EISA member since only one year from our first issue has been a fantastic and very helpful recognition for the hard work done in these difficult times. We think that EISA is an unique organization that makes true the concept of “optimized system”, the one where the whole is worth the sum of parts, giving to both readers and industry leaders a powerful feeling of both stability and confidence.”

RSS Editor’s Choice

  • Alta Fidelidad y audio portátil 20th February 2017
      Antes de presentar la habitual selección de modelos que constituye esta sección, conviene dar algunos consejos a todo aquel que pretenda conformar un equipo de sonido a partir de altavoces portátiles inalámbricos, ya sea como sistema principal de audio o como segundo o incluso tercer...
  • Transcriptors, los platos más deseados de los 60 20th February 2017
      A comienzos de la década de los sesenta, el joven ingeniero David Gammon era empleado de Almer Components, donde diseñó el brazo Transcriptors junto al conocido cepillo de aguja que luego incorporaría todos los modelos de la empresa. Un amigo suyo arquitecto le sugirió medio en broma que...
  • Pro-Ject DAC BOX DS 2 Ultra 20th February 2017
      Me gustaría iniciar este artículo destacando que Pro-Ject, no solamente es una firma de referencia en el mundo del High-End por su reconocido prestigio en el diseño y la fabricación de platos de excelente calidad si no por utilizar la última tecnología en el dominio digital y en concreto en...