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EISA MAESTRO 2018-2019

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  • Portrait-Alfonso-Exposito-web“REEFS OF LIFE AND COLOR”

    Seas and oceans nurture an extraordinary variety of life of every shape and colour. This collection of photographs aims to reflect the wealth of the waters that cover our blue planet, from the reefs of the Red Sea in Egypt to the underwater paradise of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. The reef shark of the Bahamas and the imposing and majestic white shark of Guadalupe Island represent the top predators that maintain the balance of the oceans. In Lembeh, Indonesia lurks the blue-ringed octopus, which, at 5 cm in size, is one of the most poisonous animals on the planet. Other marvels include a strikingly colourful nudibranch, a beautiful shoal of sweet-lipped fish taking refuge in the coral reef of Raja Ampat, and the turtle hawksbill with its penetrating gaze, photographed in Komodo.

    I am an amateur photographer, especially in underwater photography.” My first contact with photography took place underwater more than 10 years ago, and I felt the need to teach the wonders of this blue planet. With more than 1000 dives all over the world, both in fresh water and in salt water, I have had the fortune to feel and experience unique moments, which I have tried to convey in each of the photographs I take.