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EISA MAESTRO 2017-2018

  • Biker kids
  • Evolution
  • A man about town
  • Lamp shade
  • Prowl
  • On Your
  • Table 5
  • Dr Jekyll


United Kingdom
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  • 2ND


  • Tony has always had a real passion for travelling. After returning from so many trips throughout his life, he thought it would be nice to have his memories recorded in photographic form. He bought himself a DSLR and started learning its features and functions. Since then he’s carried his camera everywhere he goes. ‘Photography makes me travel more in order to find new locations and scenes that capture the imagination,’ says Tony. ‘It also takes me back to places I’ve already been to see if I can create something different from before. Photography, for me, is showing something in your own unique and subjective way.’