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EISA HOME THEATRE TV 2018-2019 Philips 65OLED903


Home theatre enthusiasts demand a genuinely cinematic experience that marries immersive visuals with dynamic sound, and Philips’ 65in OLED flagship delivers. A new, exclusive partnership with hi-fi specialists Bowers & Wilkins results in a bespoke in-built soundbar featuring dedicated midbass and treble drivers in isolated chambers, crafting a soundfield that’s rich in detail and depth. Philips’ powerful P5 engine with its new ‘Perfect Natural Reality’ image processing and extensive user calibration tweaks ensure superb UHD (and upscaled SDR) HDR pictures with deep black levels, fine shadow detail, outstanding contrast and a wide color gamut. Overall, the 65OLED903 offers a class-leading performance, topped off by Ambilight-enhanced atmosphere, which gets the best from Ultra HD Blu-ray and streamed sources.