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EISA IN-CAR DSP AMPLIFIER 2018-2019 JL Audio VX800/8i


When it comes to US-designed DSP amplifiers, JL Audio takes some beating. With its direct digital signal routing, from input to output, the VX800/8i is capable of pumping out astonishing sound. A full-range Class D eight-channel amplifier, it boasts integrated DSP for a wide range of installation-specific settings. High-speed, second-generation NexD2 switching technology is on hand to deliver crystal-clear audio via its RCA analogue and digital pre-outs (these at up to 96kHz/24-bit), while the high efficiency/cool-running amps fire out a rated 75W/4ohm per channel. Finally, the VXi-BTC Bluetooth communicator and VXi-HUB network hub are available for fine-tuning and connection, offering control of up to five VXi amplifiers at once.