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EISA IN-CAR AMPLIFIER 2018-2019 Ground Zero GZPA 4SQ


At first glance this might appear to be a straightforward four-channel power amplifier, but a quick listen makes it clear that the Ground Zero GZPA 4SQ is capable of so much more. Key to its success is the ‘tube-like’ sound provided by its user-adjustable Class AB to Class A bias control. Each of the four channels boasts two pairs of high-power MOSFET output devices while its power supply, with super-sized transformer, has the capacity to support very high power outputs under dynamic conditions. The result is an amplifier that’s overflowing with cutting-edge technologies, components and top-class engineering, including German-made, low-loss MCAP-MKP capacitors, Burr-Brown op-amps and Japanese Nichicon capacitors.