Stereo & Video


Stereo & Video

Stereo&Video has been published since 1994 and is one of the ten most popular monthly magazines in Russia. It’s a 200-page, full-colour, monthly magazine in a high quality format, which addresses the needs of anyone interested in understanding or buying audio-video products.

Stereo&Video reviews the latest audio and video products on the domestic and world markets, offers comparative analyses, informative and educational articles and professional tests, as well as music and video reviews. Every article is pitched at the level of the ordinary consumer. It has its own laboratory, where AV products are measured and appraised. It is the only such laboratory in Russia and enables the magazine to objectively rate the large array of equipment offered by leading manufacturers. There are also a number of sections including, what’s new, topic of the month, model of the month and reports. Every issue comes with a free music CD

The vast majority of Stereo&Video’s readers are male, with approximately 75% aged of 16 and 34. Over 20% of the remaining readers are aged 35 to 54. The majority of readers are educated to high-school and/or higher education level and are employed.

“Membership of EISA is a privilege, and is as important for our magazine as it is for Russia to be a member of the G8. The opportunity to share information with our EISA colleagues allows us to get a more in-depth feel for European trends as regards the audio, video and home theatre markets. Our readers, partners, manufacturer representative offices and distribution companies highly value the EISA Awards, judged by our team of professional journalists from leading European publications.”