The Award Goes To

8 photos1st Billy Currie (United Kingdom)

Billy Currie has been a relatively late bloomer in the world of photography. The idea of taking pictures was never something that had even crossed his mind until six years ago, when he first picked up a camera solely for the purpose of taking pictures of his dogs. Before he knew it, photography had become an obsession.

Currently working in IT, Billy credits his computer background for spurring his interest in pushing the limits of digital photography. At the moment he's wielding a Canon EOS 1DX and a wide selection of lenses, from a 24-205mm telephoto zoom to a 17mm prime. Billy lives in Stirlingshire, Scotland with his wife and son.

7 photos2nd Eric Dufour (France)

This self-taught photographer began to work as such in 2006, making use of his numerous travels to focus on minimalist architecture in big cities. "In my constant search for aestheticism, I like to hunt out curves, lines and diagonals, play with symmetries and pinpoint repetitive motifs. I am attracted by graphic, geometrical forms, subjects with a dominant colour and specific minimalist atmospheres. I particularly like to photograph simple things that arouse emotion and express concepts without superfluous content. Over the past few months, my work has gravitated towards more colourful, graphic subjects - this probably springs from the need for a little gaiety in the gloomy world we live in." A full-time photographer since 2013, Eric Dufour's varied activity includes social photo-reports, illustrations and art photography.

8 photos3rd François Bogaerts (Belgium)

François 'Sus' Bogaerts works as a technical operator at the Center Parcs De Vossemeren holiday resort in Lommel, Belgium. From an early age he became interested in capturing images, first with a film camera. "I spent days in the darkroom, watching images appear in the developing tank," Sus recalls. His first digital camera was a Kodak DC20 with a whopping 493x373-pixel resolution.
His approach to photography has evolved over the years. "On my first trip to Iceland in 2006, with three friends from my photo club, we were just snapping away at anything we saw. This year I returned for the sixth time, and I had previsualised every image I wanted to make."
Photography will remain a hobby for Sus. "I don't think I could shoot under pressure," he admits. His favourite subjects are landscapes and architecture.

Photo Contest

By founding six years ago the EISA Photo Maestro the European Imaging and Sound Association wanted to encourage both amateur and semi-professional photographers creating series of pictures who are connected to each other. This means that photographers are challenged to think in a documentary way but is of course on an as free as possible mode, to give its own interpretation to the theme of the year.

With themes like ‘Water’, ‘Transport’ and ‘My Country’ the EISA Maestro became already soon after the first start quite popular. And of course that the attraction of the international winners is definitely enhanced by the prize money, the trophy and the trip to Berlin to attend the Maestro Award Ceremony, and above all by receiving the prestigious title of Photo Maestro of the Year.

Also, they do get not only a large national coverage with the publication of the winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize series in the EISA Photography magazine of the photographer’s country, but finally an overall publication of the international 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winner in all 17 EISA photography magazines in Europe, reaching the best audience a photographer can get!

And this year, the first time, the visitors of the Facebook page of EISA will have a chance to vote and make their personal choice of the EISA Maestro Photographer since all the results of the national winners will be online on this page.